Sunday, December 23, 2007

Rough Cuts: Bristol Bay

This past summer, I traveled to Bristol Bay (western Alaska) to begin gathering material for a new film project. My film is an exploration of the people who depend on wild Alaskan Red Salmon, and the major issues that threaten our salmon resources and salmon cultures (Native and Commercial)

Major thanks goes out to the fishermen who took this filmmaker aboard, the families of Bristol Bay who took me in, and the Rasmuson Foundation for giving me the initial funds to begin this project.

I have finally made the time to go through and begin to edit! I'll be posting rough scenes as I go along, so that this project can get out there and I can start hearing some feedback.

I'm using Blogger to handle the video because it's user friendly, but the streaming video isn't the nicest looking or sounding. Keep in mind that all of the footage was shot on HDV.

In this scene, we set our nets aboard the F/V Teal and wait for fish.

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